Jason Scott's Collection.

These are old catalogs, flyers and pamphlets that I acquired in my youth, which I am scanning as part of the DIGITIZE.TEXTFILES.COM project.

Description of the PDF
1980-varityper-brochure.pdf 5225662
Brochure for the Varityper Composition Systems, including the flagship Comp/Edit Phototypsetter with the 4800 Area Composition Terminal - One of the best examples of how far ahead a leap the Macintosh computers were, and how far we've come generally (1980, likely sent out 1983)
1981-microsoft-adventure.pdf 782323
Brochure for "Microsoft Adventure", a rebrand of the original Crowther and Woods adventure. Includes spoilers! (1981)
1982-IBM-Personal-Computer.pdf 1529924
Brochure for the IBM Personal Computer (PC). Contains information on the system, software available, and types of additional services that could be purchased. This was the November 1982 version of the brochure, meaning it was part of the first wave of IBM PCs, with the full weight of the IBM Marketing Machine behind it (1982)
1983-atari-410-manual.pdf 3699585
Manual for the Atari 410 (Cassette Recorder) including proper care and maintenance, use of the buttons, loading and saving programs, and installation; gift of Dr. John Rescigno (1983)
1983-ibm-usingcomputers.pdf 3134601
An incredible promotional advertising supplement from IBM: "When will YOU start to use a Computer?" - a 12-page overview of the mechanics of owning and using a home computer (i.e. the new IBM PC) by explaining the process as it resembles using a calculator or the "new" Automatic Teller Machines. Includes 1950's style drawings to provide some sort of soft touch; has a small quiz "What can you do with a Computer?" (1983)
1983-jade-computer-catalog.pdf 8036272
16-page catalog for Jade Computer, a small chain of California computer stores selling software and hardware for Apple and IBM computers (1983)
1983-maxell-catalog.pdf 5216304
The Maxell Corporation's 1983 selection of Floppy Disks (5 1/4", 8", and Compact) as well as other recording media, presented in dazzling color. (1983)
1983-shelburne-holiday-catalog-acr5.pdf 7470282
Acrobat-5 Optimized version of 1983-shelburne-holiday-catalog (1983)
1983-shelburne-holiday-catalog.pdf 17639351
The 1983 Winter/Holiday catalog for The Shelburne Company (later Shelburne Innovations), a direct-mail Consumer Electronics company (with a now-closed showroom in Maryland). 28 pages of classic early-1980 consumer electronics, from the areas of telecommunications, health, gadgetry and furniture. Appears to be mainly copywritten by Larry Demko. "Innovative Products for You and Your Home" (1983)
1983-sirius-summer-catalog.pdf 9056496
The Sirius Software Summer 1983 Game Catalog, listing the full collection of Sirius software games, all accompanied by poorly-drawn comics portraying each game's premise as a story involving cartoon characters (1983)
1983-softstyle-pms.pdf 2108506
Brochure for the Phlatelic Management System, allowing all the complicated computational needs of stamp collecting to be handled by a microcomputer (1983)
1983-thorn-emi-video-catalog.pdf 8865748
Summer 1983 Thorn-EMI Video Catalog, Catalog of Game and Financial Software for Atari, Commodore, and Texas Instruments Computers. "Play for Real...", 20 pages. (1983)
1984-compuserve-megawars.pdf 2621599
Brochure for Compuserve's Megawars, one of the first massively-multiplayer online games, allowing game players to trade and fight enemies in space; includes space map, as well as information on many other games available to Compuserve users. (Brochure is pretty dirty; sorry about that) (1984)
atari-nextgeneration-catalog-1983.pdf 14538125
In 1983, Atari Computers announced an entire new family (generation) of home computers to replace the aging 400/800 line. These computers would have increased sound, graphics and processing power, and are touted as bounds ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, Atari came under new management and most of these products were cancelled, pushing these into the realm of dreams. (1983)
columbia-vp-portable.pdf 1772130
"Start Ahead - Stay Ahead With the New Columbia VP": Brochure for the Columbia VP MVC Portable PC Compatible (1984)
computerpalace-catalog-1984.pdf 2996361
Catalog for the Computer Palace, an Oregon-based seller of Atari computer software. (1984)
oldacres-camp-1984.pdf 3847772
Brochure for the Old Acres Camp, a computer camp in Indiana, including sample meals, activities, and the credentials of the staff. (1984)
omicron-catalog-1984.pdf 1557302
Catalog for Omicron, a maker of branded covers and duffel bags for the Atari Computers/Consoles, Intellivision, and Colecovision. (1983)
sierraonline-hires-adventures.pdf 2320698
The Sierra On-Line Hi-Res Adventures Promotional Catalog, an introduction to the Hi-Res series of adventure games by a mysterious Host who travels through time and space to sell you games (1983)

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