Academics: The Pink Machine Group.

Excellent research papers from a Swedish research group, which provide interesting perspectives on a number of "alternate" subjects.

From the website: "Located at the Department of Industrial Management at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, the group focuses on questions of feeling and rationality in technology and economy. More to the point, we study alternative rationalities, fun and frivolity, beauty and aesthetics, play and gifts, any of the wide variety of aspects of technology and economy that are routinely ignored by the research community out of fear of not seeming "serious" enough, and that at the same time form an intimate part of both everyday life and the post-industrial production of value...

"Led by Professor Claes Gustafsson and Professor Alf Rehn, the pink machine strives to create a lively research atmosphere, an intellectual challenge and general excellence in research. And having fun doing this."
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nr01.pdf 309089
Marcus Lindahl & Erik Piñeiro: Romaticism and Pragmatism in Projects
nr02.pdf 459969
Claes Gustafsson: Idiergi - eller funderingar kring livet på gränsen till kaos
nr03.pdf 1429773
Tina Karrbom: Småprat och tysta budskap
nr04.pdf 548128
Claes Gustafsson & Marcus Lindahl: Improvisation och intuition - ett emergensteoretiskt perspektiv
nr05.pdf 529894
Marcus Lindahl: Begränsingen av NU!
nr06.pdf 436873
Erik Piñeiro & Bertil Guve: Spacing, Timing and Efficiency
nr07.pdf 458293
Erik Piñeiro: The Way of the Engineer
nr08.pdf 633169
Alf Rehn: Den oansenliga handlingen: Kring väntande och tråkighet som företagsekonomiska fenomen
nr09.pdf 1066171
Sam Warren: Creating Creativity: The organizational manipulation of aesthetics in a web-design department
nr10.pdf 157473
Alf Rehn: The Anachronistic Economy: Performance and image in another modern age
nr11.pdf 492131
Alf Rehn & David Sköld: Bling-Bling: The economic discourses of hip-hop
nr12.pdf 570940
Alf Rehn: Ordered Misbehavior: The structuring of an illegal endeavor (Overview of the 'Warez' Scene)
nr13.pdf 153250
Helena Csarmann: Selling Speed
nr14.pdf 417690
Alf Rehn: Pessimistiskt entreprenörskap
nr15.pdf 726375
Thomas Lennerfors: An Indecent Proposal
nr16.pdf 868076
Mikolaj Dymek: Consolidating Fun
nr17.pdf 750058
Bertil Guve: Convincing Attraction
nr18.pdf 760643
Thomas Lennerfors: Bribes n' Booze
nr19.pdf 3329149
Mikolaj Dymek & Sven Bergvall: Playing With Covers
nr20.pdf 681090
Thomas Lennerfors: Managing Silence
nr21.pdf 640360
Alf Rehn: On Letting Go
nr22.pdf 802622
Stefan Görling: Transmission eller television
nr23.pdf 1585781
Claes Gustafsson: Idiergy and the Second Law

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