Zines: TICOM.

From Thomas Icom:

"For many years I published a 'zine called Cybertech. It covered a combination of hacking, technology, and survivalism. The first issue came out in 1990, and it was published sporadically until the end of 2002. Around that time I finally had enough with the attitudes in the computer underground, and ceased publication. A little while ago, I was surfing one my favorite sites on the Internet, Green Bay Professional Packet Radio (GBPPR). The owner of the site is a fellow old-school hacker who used to publish his own 'zine back in the day. He decided to make a go at retaking the computer underground, and starting publishing GBPPR 'Zine with some very good tehnical information. After reading through a few issues of GBPPR 'Zine, I was inspired to again start a 'zine for technological enthusiasts; TICOM - Technical Intelligence COMmunications."

"Starting with the November, 2005 issue I have combined The Pine Tree Journal with Ticom 'Zine. Now it covers both hacking and survivalism, just like Cybertech did."

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Introduction to TICOM Zine in TXT Format
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TICOM Zine Issue #1 (19 Pages): Experiments in Spread Spectrum Interception; Bell System Special Services Interexchange Customer Handbook; CLCI, NC, NCI Codes (February, 2005)
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TICOM Zine Issue #2 (8 Pages): Frequency Counter Logging to a PC; Bell System Special Services Interexchange Customer Handbook; WORD (Work Order Record & Details) Description (March, 2005)
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TICOM Zine Issue #3 (18 Pages): VHF/UHF Radio Communications Monitoring and Communications Intelligence (COMINT); Excerpts from FM 34-45; Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Electronic Attack (April, 2005)
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TICOM Zine Issue #4 (14 Pages); Old-School Phreak Circuits and Data; Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering Info; AVI/EZ-Pass Info - complements of the FCC; The Pine Tree Journal: Contingency Kit Information; E.A.S.T. Review 2005; Homemade Generators; Hiking the A-Trail in Vermont; Editorial Rants (November, 2005)
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TICOM Zine Issue #5 (8 Pages): Optoelectronics R-10 Interceptor, Wildflower's Notes (April, 2006)

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