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1957 WorldCon Photographs - Page 4

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D1. Arthur C. Clarke, Dave Kyle D2. Walt Willis & the Typewriter
(a late 1920s/early 1930s Royal,
according to Ned Brooks)
D3. Hugo Recipients: Ted Carnell (New Worlds), John W. Campbell (Astounding), John Victor Peterson (Science Fiction Times)
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D4. John Victor Peterson, Bobbie Wild (later Grey), John Wyndham D5. John W. Campbell, Bobbie Wild, John Wyndham D6. Ted Carnell, Bobbie Wild, John Wyndham
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D7. John W. Campbell, Sam Moskowitz D8. John W. Campbell D9. Dave Kyle, Harry Harrison
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D10. Bob Madle, Forry Ackerman, Sam Moskowitz D11. Brian Aldiss, Tom Boardman, ?, John Boland

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