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1957 WorldCon Photographs - Page 3

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C1. Ron Buckmaster, Charlie Duncombe C2. Joan Newman, Daphne Buckmaster, Pam Bulmer C3. Norman J. Wansborough, Ken Bulmer
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C4. Paul (Doc) Hammett, George Locke, Joan Hammett, Pete Taylor (partly obscured) C5. ??, (Against the wall): Dan Morgan, John Boland, ??. At right, with bow tie, Canadian fan Arthur Hayes C6. Paul & Joan Hammett
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C7. Brian Burgess, Val Anjoorian, ?? C8. Christine Moskowitz, Pamela Bulmer, Peg Campbell, Eric Frank Russell C9. Boyd Raeburn, John Roles, Joy Clarke, Eddie Jones
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C10.  Lawrence Sandfield (with glass), at right, Pamela & Ken Bulmer C11. Ken Bulmer, possibly Alan Hunter ??, Doc Hammett (?) and Joan Hammett, Marjorie Brunner. Lawrence Sandfield in foreground. C12. (Seated at left) Belle Dietz.
(Standing) Holding drink - Ron Bennett, Barbara Silverberg, Brian Burgess
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C13.  (Seated at left) Belle Dietz
(Standing) Frank Dietz,  John Wyndham, Sam Moskowitz (in background), Ted Carnell, Arthur C. Clarke, Bob Silverberg, Barbara Silverberg
  C15. The Merseysippi Jazz Band
Man in baggy trousers is Dave Kyle's brother

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