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1957 WorldCon Photographs - Page 2

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B1. Back row: Norman Shorrock, Les Childs, Ron Bennett, Dave Newman, Sandy Sanderson, John Brunner, John Newman, Vince Clarke.
Middle: Ted Carnell
Front row: Bob & Barbara Silverberg, Joy Clarke, Ken Bulmer, Pam Bulmer, Bobbie Grey

B2. John W. Campbell & H. Beam Piper

B3. Joy Clarke, Walter Willis, Rainer Eisfeld, Steve Schultheis, James White, Vince Clarke

Rainer Eisfeld was the delegate of the Science Fiction Club Germany. He believes this photo was taken at the Globe on the Thursday evening of the convention. See Ron Bennett's article in Mimosa.

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B4. John Brunner, Ted Carnell B5.  Arthur C. Clarke, Sam Youd, Daphne Buckmaster B6. Ron Bennett, Ina & Norman Shorrock
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B7. Forry Ackerman, Walter A. Willis, James White B8. Norman Weedall B9. (Standing) Daphne Buckmaster, Doc Hammett.
(Seated) Joan Hammett
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B10. Bert Campbell, Steve Schultheis, Val Anjoorian, Brian Aldiss (?) B11. John Newman, Ken Bulmer B12. Mike Moorcock, James White, Vince Clarke, Lan Wright
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B13. Boyd Raeburn, George Charters, Norman Shorrock, John Roles B14. Christine Moskowitz, Pamela Bulmer, Peggy Campbell, Eric Frank Russell B15. Ted Tubb, Jim & Dorothy Rattigans

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