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1957 WorldCon Photographs - Page 1

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A1. Sandy Sanderson, Eric Bentcliffe, Terry Jeeves, Madeleine Willis A2. Bob Silverberg, Forry Ackerman, James White A3. George Locke, ??, Ken Slater
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A4. Pete Daniels, leader of the Merseysippi Jazz Band and prominent Liverpool Group member A5. Ted Tubb, Ken Slater A6. Ted Carnell
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A7. St. Fantony Ceremony
Margaret Jones, Eric Jones, Bob Richardson, John Humphries (Herald), Audrey Eversfield
A8. Eric Jones A9. Normall Weedall in mask, Eric Jones, Les Childs as scribe, Bob Richardson
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A10 A11. Ruth & Dave Kyle A12
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A13 & 14.  The Art Show
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A15 & 16.  The Art Show (right: the Rattigans)

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